Up for sale, a low mileage (68k) one owner 1969 X11 Camaro! Factory Resell Garnet Red with Black interior!

     If you're looking for a nice palette to build from, then you've found it. This Camaro was purchased new back in 1969 by a teacher here in the Kansas City area. This car is complete. It comes with documentation supporting its ownership history. The mileage reads at 68,317 and that is said to be correct. This Camaro will require most of the typical sheet metal work such as new quarters, trunk, drops, and floor pans. We do have the second section of the back seat as well as the door panels. Below you will find a decode for the cowl tag. The X11 designation on this car does not support it being a true Super Sport car as you will see within the absence of Super Sport equipment. On the other side of the coin, these are great cars for building in to SS clones.

Cowl Tag Decode:

ST 69 12437 NOR 212479
TR 711 52 52
12C X11

ST69 - Year of make 1969
12436 - Coupe
NOR - Norwood (assembly plant)
212479 - Body number
TR 711 - Black standard interior
52 - Garnet Red
12C - Produced 3rd week of December
X11 - Style Trim Group

     The car is very complete and is ready for someone capable to tackle this project. If you think you've got what it takes, give me a call or shoot me a text. This Camaro is being sold with a clear title. I will be evaluating all reasonable offers and will respond to all offers that come in. If you need assistance with shipping, I will gladly assist with shipping and in many cases, I will assume a portion of the shipping cost. I can also assist with obtaining quotes, scheduling pick up, loading, and providing video the day it is loaded and on its way. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask. Most importantly, have a superior day.









66 / 1967 427/435 Vet.