1967 Butternut Yellow RS/SS 4 Speed Camaro! 50+ photos located below. Potential L30/M20 car?


This Camaro had been sitting up on wheels since the mid 80's. As you will see, it will require a full restoration. Make no mistake about it. This is a big project but one that has the pedigree and potential to pay big dividends


     As you will see within the photos, the front clip was swapped out some time ago. Within the photos you will find remnants of the factory butternut yellow paint. The Camaro has no RS equipment nor does it have the correct tail panel. Unless of course it was ordered as an L30/M20 car which we have reason to believe it is possible. Located below, you will find that the speedometer cable is on the firewall just on the passenger side area of the steering column. Staring in to the engine bay, the Muncie 4 speed cars were designated to the right side of the steering column. Another sign that this could be a potential L30/M20 car is the location of the brake proportioning valve. From my understanding, this option was only available within the L30/M20 package and the Z28.


What is the L30/20 option and how do you confirm if your car came with this package?


"The L30/M20 Camaro was a "sleeper" package with no tell-tale external badging. To the undiscerning eye, the L30/M20 is just another plain-jane 327 Camaro. Without original paper documentation, the only way to verify an original L30/M20 is to check as many of the drivetrain components and performance features as possible.


For mid-year and later 1967 Camaros, the presence of the 4P cowl tag code in combination with the 2L 4-four speed code can indicate a possible L30/M20. This code is a mandatory requirement for the later 1967 L30/M20 and is described in more detail in the 4P code section. The 2L 4P combination was also used on the SS-350, so other confirming features are required.


One feature that can help identify a L30/M20 versus an SS is the speedometer cable routing. The L30/M20 had the speedometer cable exit on the left side of the steering column. Only Muncie tranmission-equipped cars had the speedometer cable exit the firewall on the right side of the steering column." Per Camaros . org


Cowl tag break down:


11B E
67-12637 NOR 32758
765-Z Y-2
11B - 2nd week of November
E - Black interior
67 - Year of production
12637 - Sport Coupe custom interior
NOR - Norwood, Ohio
765-Z - Black, custom buckets
Y-2 - Butternut Yellow, Black top.
E - All Tinted Windows - L - Four speed transmission
2LGSR - (L) four speed manual transmission (G) center console (S) rear antenna (R) rear seat speaker
3BSDL - (B) rear defogger (S) RP Z23 option, interior decor (D) gauges and or clock (L) RPO Z22, Rally Sport Equipment
Remote mirrors 
Deluxe seat belts
Rear bumper guards 
Deluxe shoulder harness


     The pro's, you can see exactly what you're getting. Everything you need can be ordered out of a catalog. The first gen Camaros are one of the simplest muscle cars one can build. They are by far one of the safest collector cars one can invest in.


     I do not have the original engine nor transmission but I do have a 350 I can include that needs completely gone through. I do have a clean & clear title (no liens, non salvage, etc.) for this Camaro. Please feel free to call, text, or email with any questions or concerns.






427/435 Vet.